Windows 10 Best of Build details

Microsoft Virtual Academy training.
01 Introducing the Windows 10 App Model
02 Windows + Open Source Software
03 Microsoft Edge: Introducing the New Browser and Web App Platform for Windows 10
04 Developing Universal Windows Apps in Visual Studio 2015
05 Game Developers: Get the Most Out of Windows 10
06 Internet of Things Overview
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TI MSP432 Launchpad

msp-exp432p401r_msp432_launchpad_angle-1Sweet Setup for $12

from Texas Instruments!

#makers #makerspace
The MSP432P401R LaunchPad enables you to develop high performance applications that benefit from low power operation. It features the MSP432P401R – which includes a 48MHz ARM Cortex M4F, 95uA/MHz active power and 850nA RTC operation, 14-bit 1MSPS differential SAR ADC and AES256 accelerator. Readmore..

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From Information Week

Linux Container Operating Systems: Thin Is In

by Charles Babcock
When is less really more? When it’s a Linux operating system designed to run containers, such as Red Hat Atomic Host, Ubuntu Snappy, or CoreOS. As developers increasingly embrace containers for building and running apps, these small footprint systems could change the operating system’s long-standing role

Another article from Information Week, a slideshow also worth at least a cursory scan:

8 Microsoft Office Alternatives

by Kelly Sheridan

Microsoft’s Office productivity suite may be the go-to choice for personal and enterprise use, but there are cheaper options available.
They list Apache Open Office, Zoho Docs, Libre Office, Free Office and Softmaker Office, Apple iWork, Google Docs (Google Apps), and ThinkFree Online