Windows 7 Upgrade Reboot Problem

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Apparently a significant number of people who have tried to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 instead of doing a disk wipe and clean re-install are finding their computer locks up in a continuous reboot cycle: the install fails and then the computer reboots, the install fails and so forth. We only do clean installs, so we did not test this mode.

In a similar trouble report last July Readmore..

Windows 7 Available

While I spent the last two weeks sick at home, Microsoft was busy releasing their newest Windows OS. Windows 7.

We have released a picture tour of the installation earlier in this blog. Windows 7 pricing is considerably more favorable (From roughly $120 to $220 for full licenses, upgrades less) than in the recent past, rolling back prices almost to Windows 98 levels. There is another very favorable feature Readmore..

Trend to watch: Android vs. Microsoft

Watch this trend. (from

The Acer Aspire One AOD250, a dual-boot netbook with both Google Android and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems, is now available for $350. An Android-only model is a possibility, Acer says, should carriers push for it. Google‘s popular Android mobile operating system has moved beyond smartphones and made its way into Acer’s newest netbook…

Microsoft has what we feel is the top Office program on the globe (Microsoft Office) but Microsoft’s Windows OS is widely the butt of office jokes (‘blue screen of death’, ‘Save now save often’, etc). Linux has high reliability but Microsoft Office only works well in Microsoft Windows and Linux still has the spectre of supposed technical complexity lurking about to scare off average consumers. Readmore..

Business vLogs

If you have an interest in worth while basic business information, I have found the vlogs by skilled entrepreneur Bob Parsons to be helpful. They are available from his personal vlog site at He presents solid business advice from his years of success building several businesses, including the wildly successful Lease America (copy machine rental), Parson’s Technology (highly affordable software delivered to your door), (highly competitive Internet domain registration and Internet Services Provider), and Go A-Z Motorcycles.

WARNING: Some may consider the content objectionable in that Bob’s trademark has been rather well endowed young women who graphically demonstrate the principals he is presenting in an entertaining, if rather stereotypical, manner.

Note: this article is the writers personal opinion. It is based upon almost 40 years of experience in small computers and communications, but it is still an opinion.It is presented AS IS. All use is at your own risk.

Alternative to Microsoft Office: IBM Symphony

This just in from news:

IBM Thursday announced upgrades to and a roadmap for its 15-month-old Lotus Symphony suite of productivity tools, emphasizing it indeed offers an alternative to Microsoft Office.

The move comes after Microsoft recently said that a court order to remove Office from store shelves next month could leave consumers and businesses “stranded without an alternative set of software.”


IBM bought Lotus Development Corp. a long time ago, including it’s flagship Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet product. Lotus 1-2-3 was essentially the first Readmore..