Operating System Use

Operating Systems in use when viewing our web sites. Data taken from web site stats via GoDaddy.com. NOTE: No promotions have been applied to any of these sites, and no specific steps have been taken for SEO: it is thought that this data can be considered “random” matematically, and thus probably is representative of the population at this time. Readmore..

Angel Food Back Office updates

The Angel Food Back Office has been updated to allow people to order specials without need of ordering a box. This update applies to both the public and staff ordering screens. [ Download this file ]. Note there are files in folders, /angel-food/ and /afbo/ . Upload it to the same folders on your web site to replace your existing files of the same names.

Subscription Changes


We have installed additional software to better filter out bots and other SPAM sources. These sources frequently impersonate people to advertise their scams. While they have not been able to post their links where people must see them, they have been able to register up until now.

We have installed new software and we are resetting our list of subscribers to eliminate several hundred subscriptions by SPAM bots. Regrettably we will also be removing our legitimate subscribers. If you still desire to receive email notification when we occasionally add more information, then please come back to jdnash.com for a moment and re-register. If you do not want to be subscribed to our blog, do nothing.

We apologize for the inconvenience,

John Nash, President

American Programmers Independent, LLC.