Upgrading Linux

We use CentOS Linux for our desktops and servers. Today I am completing the conversion of our file server to CentOS because the disk drives needed to be upgraded. They have been in service for about two (2) years and are now completely full. They way I know this is that our end users started to complain that they could not connect to the server, and df -h showed me 0 space clear (happened overnight). So, I deleted one backup to free some space and ordered two 1.5 TB Seagates. The HDs came in yesterday (Monday) and I installed CentOS 5.2xx. Readmore..

Virus Costs Computer Owners

The twitter.com web company has begun suspending accounts belonging to people whose computers are infected with ‘Koobface’ virus. The virus posts messages using the infected person’s accounts on social networking web sites, such as FaceBook.com, MySpace.com, and Twitter.com. The viral messages contain links, which when clicked spread the virus to the clicking party’s computer. Readmore..

Computer Classes

As many of you already know, Adult Life Training, Inc. is our IRC 501(c)(3) recognized Public Charity. Anyone wishing to learn how to use a computer may attend computer classes at ALTI free. Classes are part of a planned curriculum which takes on average 23 weeks to complete.

Those wishing to begin should come to the intake, “Beginner’s” class, on Monday at 9:00 AM. Come to door number three and sign in with the receptionist. Barbara Goss will be teaching.

After completing the Beginner’s class, you will become part of a group of six to eight persons attending one day or evening per week. Call ALTI at (260) 432-0014 x128 or visit their web site at http://alt-fw.org for details.

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