DSCN3666 Leather repair: replaced worn strap on hammer holster. Used copper rivets this time instead of the assembly line crimp rivets it was made with. Shaped it a bit to reduce future problems – when you want to put your hammer back on your belt, you don’t want to fight to get it back in there – aim and drop. Properly shaped leather does that. I can make work belts also, with cinches rather than buckles if so requested.

If you have leather that needs to be repaired this is the time to get it to me.

SSDs in Mint v18

cropped-tux-looking-right-with-clipboard-621x621.pngYou might find these articles useful.

How to optimize your Solid State Drive for Linux Mint 18, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian

And for a larger assortment of articles look at this site Easy Linux tips for beginners and for advanced users

Advanced (Linux Mint and Ubuntu)

1. Give the Grub menu a holiday picture for background

2. SSD: optimize your Solid State Drive for Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian

3. Install the latest microcode for your CPU

4. Turn your Ubuntu 16.04 into Xubuntu 16.04

5. How to install the latest Nvidia driver for your video card

6. System hacks for advanced Linux Mint users

7. How to install a free legal Windows in VirtualBox

8. Conky: monitor your system

9. Run your web browser from within a secure sandbox

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Whacked out ethernet names

locked-computer-cartoonWhacked out ethernet names appeared in Linux Mint 18. Names such as enp3s0 came from nowhere and broke piles of programs and network connectivity by taking away the expected “eth0”. The logic is that such weirdness is “more predictable” than calling the only network adapter in your system “eth0”. For more information on the philosophies of these godlets see https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/.