Notebook for Christmas

A friend recently asked me about buying a notebook computer for Christmas. This is a good question, so I will answer it here. This is strictly opinion: constitutionally protected free speech. Use at your own risk. I haven’t mentioned Apple notebooks in here but they are my favorite for the “over $1,000.00” category. Please comment to share your shopping experiences.

I look on,, or among others for pricing and features. Frankly I buy a lot of stuff from NewEgg: for one thing I really like the fact that I can see how many people bought Readmore..

Windows 7 Upgrade Reboot Problem

(reference Network World, Computer World Articles)

Apparently a significant number of people who have tried to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 instead of doing a disk wipe and clean re-install are finding their computer locks up in a continuous reboot cycle: the install fails and then the computer reboots, the install fails and so forth. We only do clean installs, so we did not test this mode.

In a similar trouble report last July Readmore..

Windows 7 Available

While I spent the last two weeks sick at home, Microsoft was busy releasing their newest Windows OS. Windows 7.

We have released a picture tour of the installation earlier in this blog. Windows 7 pricing is considerably more favorable (From roughly $120 to $220 for full licenses, upgrades less) than in the recent past, rolling back prices almost to Windows 98 levels. There is another very favorable feature Readmore..

Trend to watch: Android vs. Microsoft

Watch this trend. (from

The Acer Aspire One AOD250, a dual-boot netbook with both Google Android and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems, is now available for $350. An Android-only model is a possibility, Acer says, should carriers push for it. Google‘s popular Android mobile operating system has moved beyond smartphones and made its way into Acer’s newest netbook…

Microsoft has what we feel is the top Office program on the globe (Microsoft Office) but Microsoft’s Windows OS is widely the butt of office jokes (‘blue screen of death’, ‘Save now save often’, etc). Linux has high reliability but Microsoft Office only works well in Microsoft Windows and Linux still has the spectre of supposed technical complexity lurking about to scare off average consumers. Readmore..