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Burn the FICO alter

image showing the Parts of the "FICO Score"

What makes up a FICO Score?

FICO is an “I LOVE DEBT” score – a measure of how much of a fool someone is to give up everything they earn to banksters instead of keeping their own money. The “FICO credit score” is 30% how much debt you stay trapped in, 35% if you are still able to pay all that debt, 10% what kinds of debt you are trapped in, 10% how much new debt you just got trapped in, and 15% how long you have stayed trapped in debt.

NOT ONE THING IN THAT SCORE HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR FINANCIAL STRENGTH! If you inherited $10 million tomorrow your FICO “credit score” wouldn’t change one point!

Debt is dumb! Don’t let them sacrifice you and your family on the altar of the deceptive demi-god FICO! Get a plan, get and stay out of all debt, and experience liberty as you never have before. Instead of worrying how you are going to survive until the next paycheck, get free so you can plan how you will help others.

Millions of people have escaped the debt trap and you can too! Check the next Financial Peace University class, starting at Abundant Life Church (evening community groups), Wednesday nights around 7:00PM. Call Jodie at the church office 260.432.0014 to register for free – these classes are open for free to everyone in the Fort Wayne area who cares to come. If Wednesday night isn’t possible for you right now but you still want to get free of debt, try the Dave Ramsey organization web site atĀ