API Labor

American Programmers Independent, LLC. provides technical labor to business and to individuals. Such labor includes web site design and/or development, hardware design and/or assembly, and technical writing. Please feel free to look at our Rate Sheet and Terms of Service for more information.

API provides web site design and development as a Designer and or as a Developer. The format we normally follow is to install and configure a WordPress site that the customer can control himself without need to hire additional technical help, however we also provide labor to write, update, or maintain code in php. Custom coding is available at additional cost.

A web Designer is a graphic artist who provides art for web sites. The designer’s skill is in selecting the colors and designs to make the site appear attractive. A web Developer is a computer programmer who writes the computer programs which make the web site work. A Sales Person is someone whose skill is in connecting people with products and s/he may know nothing at all about web sites.

The web Designer creates the appearance of the web site and the Developer provides functionality so that the web site actually does something. Both are necessary and neither is a replacement for the other. We do not have any Sales Persons here.

Sales Persons can be good and our economy depends upon them to connect people with products that make their lives better. However, sometimes Sales Persons feel that they are also web designers and developers who ‘sell web sites’ that they ‘create’ using canned programs that they may not even understand themselves, or ‘borrow’ web sites from other places and simply change some of the content so that the site appears to have been created by them for their customer. The customer is usually a non-technical person who never knows what was actually done until the sales person is long gone with their money (typically $2,000 to $5,000)  and a lawyer retained by the owner of the web site that they copied comes calling.

API creates unique web sites for each of its customers to their specification. We have our own graphic designers and computer programmers: we do not copy other people’s web sites and re-sell them. We use only open source packages or our own code to create our unique designs: our customers never need to worry about litigation for copyright infringement: our sites are made ethically and legally.

A simple web site will typically cost about $300 from API, using state of the art database driven technology and either Open Source graphic art, which is free, or custom art which is created for you by your own artists, or by our artists at a very competitive price. Individual labor hours are also available at a very competitive rate, and can be used for tasks such as updating an existing web site. We can also install comprehensive Open Source solutions for blogging and bulletin board sites.

Please feel free to look at our Rate Sheet and Terms of Service for more information.