Windows 7 Support Ended Today

Bad news. Microsoft doesn’t yet have a viable replacement for Windows 7 and they are starting to terminate it. Loss of mere phone tech support is not much problem, because mostly they referred you to someone else anyway, but the next step is no updates. Windows 8 is inadequate for business work unless a business throws away all their equipment and runs out and buys all new computers with touch screens.

The hierarchical menu is also mostly unavailable in Windows 8 which greatly complicates getting work done — try writing government specs on a cell phone: it ¬†might be possible in the same way that technically, I could write all software in machine code only — no compilers — and loaded the code into memory manually using paper tape. No wait: cell phones have that blasted spelling correct/corrupt-er. Make that writing in machine language while a rogue virus randomly changes the codes that I have already written.

Windows 10 fixes most of these problems, but it is not nearly here yet.