Things I found interesting in email today

biohazardEverybody uses at least one or more enterprise file sharing and sync (EFSS) consumer app, at least now and then. These include Dropbox, Angry Birds, Facebook, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype or SugarSync. In fact, a lot of people use most of them for a combination of personal and business purposes. Interestingly enough, that list of popular cloud services is an exact match for a list of apps that represent the Top 10 that enterprises are likely to blacklist.

Camillo Golgi, one of the great forefathers of neuroscience, may be best known for developing a unique silver staining method that allowed scientists to visualize nervous tissue, including nerve cells and their distinct branching pathways. Using this technique, he described the details of the perineuronal net (PNN), a unique extracellular matrix structure made up of glycoproteins and proteoglycans that encapsulate neurons in the adult brain. Since Golgi’s initial study of this matrix, it has received little attention. Now, work in Roger Tsien’s laboratory at the University of California San Diego suggests that it may be the location of long-term memory storage.

Samsung’s new Gear VR virtual reality headset, which goes on sale through T-Mobile for $99.99 starting Nov. 27, allows users to view video games, movies and more in immersive new ways. The Samsung Gear VR is a consumer version of virtual reality headsets made by Oculus

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