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INtax Functionality is Moving to INTIME – September 8

graphic of Project NextDOR Update: Moving to INTIME

Project NextDOR Update: Moving to INTIME

This just in via eMail from Indiana Department of Revenue <>:

INtax Functionality is Moving to INTIME – September 8

DOR’s new e-services portal, INTIME, will support additional tax types beginning September 8. All existing customers who currently file business taxes via INtax, should begin migrating their accounts to INTIME on or after September 8.

Moving to INTIME will support continued management of tax accounts online and introduce new services. Existing INtax users will be able to create an INTIME username and password for their business and get started managing their accounts.

For more information regarding the project and each rollout, visit

The Business Case for the AllWinner Tablet

It’s a craze.

They may use names like “iRulu”, “Dragon Touch”, “Afunta”, Yuntab”, “Osgar”, “Accmart”, “GaziGazi”, “Atoah”, “Weize”, “Neutab”, or “Tagital”.They may be black or white, but some are purple, blue, or red.

They are simple, plain, no nonsense: they know why they are there.

They are quick, easy, and down to business. They may cost you anywhere from $30 to several hundred dollars, all depending upon how well you can negotiate.

And they are totally in the raw: unlocked, rooted, and ready for you to try your most creative ideas and strangest approaches without any preconceived notions or inhibitions.

They are the AllWinner tablets.

During good economic times, Americans mostly preferred the simplicity of being employees of someone else, performing predictable work, during predictable hours, and receiving a predictable pay check: a pay check big enough that they had no difficulty buying their own home, sending the kids to school and summer camp, maybe buying a small cottage on a lake somewhere to vacation in the summer.

Times have changed.

Anyone but the most idealistic politico will admit that the American economy has been bad for a long time. Official statistics released to the public claim unemployment rates are below 8%, which is still three times the acceptable level, but the numbers are carefully categorized to avoid revealing how bad the situation really is:

From the official US Bureau of Labor Statistics web site:

Persons are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work.

In other words, if the person has become demoralized so that they have not LOOKED for work in the last four (4) weeks, or if they have become so jaded that they are content living on food stamps and welfare, the statistics exclude them: they are not considered unemployed. These statistics do not even try to account for those who technically have a job, but are paid so little that it is impossible for them to provide for themselves and their families.

In reality about 29% of the working age population is not working and many more are drastically under employed to the point that it is impossible for them to remain both sheltered and fed.

We are waking up to realize that we must either buy our ticket
and ride the train of change, or be run over by it.

So as time changes, Americans are also changing. In this case, more and more citizens are remembering the ideals and attitudes that caused America to become the strongest economy on earth for two centuries: they are learning again how to buy and sell for profit, but this time they are using State of the Art technology to connect American Entrepreneurs directly with international factories to purchase goods for resale to the American public at a price where they can actually sell the goods and turn a fair profit.

Most people know there is a massive bartering web site,, where people can buy and sell things — almost anything — from junk (for pennies) to original issue comic books (for millions of dollars). But this was just the beginning — eBay is like a flea market, and when people buy at a flea market they expect unrealistic bargains. Enter the second piece that completes this puzzle:

By using, small businesses in the US can collect bids from factories internationally, then purchase at prices allowing enough markup to supplement no or limited income. Those items can then be sold on eBay without need for the startup costs related to brick and mortar stores. The remaining piece was to have something the factories could make that entrepreneurs could sell, and that is where AllWinner comes in.

Allwinner Technology is a leading fabless design house dedicated to smart application processor SoC and smart analog IC, and its product line-up covers from multi-core application processors for smart devices to smart PMIC, etc.

With its cutting edges in UHD video CODEC, high-performance multi-core CPU/GPU integration, and ultra-low power consumption, Allwinner Technology now serves as a mainstream solution provider in the global tablet, UHD Android box, mobile connected device, as well as smart power management IC. Allwinner Technology is headquartered in Zhuhai, China.

AllWinner is a Chinese engineering company that produces ONLY DESIGNS, not goods. Their designs are then manufactured by hundreds of factories in China under what must be similar to a franchising agreement. These factories will sell internationally, and American small businesses can purchase, often in sample quantities (less than 100 pieces) or than production quantities (over 1000 pieces).

We will take apart one such device, the AllWinner Q88 form factor tablet J-Q733 with 7″ screen, A33 quad core processor, 512 megabytes of RAM, and 4 gigabytes of program storage, and unbox another, the J-Q133 10.1″ tablet with A33 quad core processor, 1 gigabyte RAM, 8 gigabytes storage. Read More >>>>

Windows XP expired: Now What?

tnt-bomb-gualtiero-boffi-300x300Microsoft Windows XP is set (again) to expire, this time we are told it is for certain. The date is April 2014. Their beloved 10 year old Windows computers will no longer get Microsoft Security updates and they will be open to hackers.  So what’s a business to do?

Well, there are several options on the table, some of which may not be obvious.

  • You can simply upgrade the RAM to two gigabytes and install a Windows 7 upgrade.You can keep all your old Microsoft software and stay at the Microsoft feeding trough for years to come. A computer re-cycling company in your community may be an aggressively cost-efficient way of getting such RAM upgrades — $1 a chip instead of $25-$50 a chip.
  • You can reevaluate your computer hardware choices in light of your current and projected future needs, and possibly buy new hardware of a different type than you now use.
  • You can also opt for purchasing new NetBooks such as the Google Chrome Book series of small computers, or maybe tablets with a few docks (such as the Microsoft Surface) would provide both the mobility that you want and a normal working keyboard, monitor, and mouse in the office.
  • You can also install any of several versions of Linux on your existing hardware, or even boot that hardware, unaltered, from a USB memory stick with Linux installed on the stick. This last option will leave your computers unaltered with full access to all their files in Linux and Windows XP. This will also let you try as many Linux Distributions as you like to find the “right” one for you, all without loosing your Windows XP!


Dead disk platters from Windows Server 2012R2

Dead disk platters from Windows Server 2012R2

This article in Network World discusses some Linux options. We have been dual booting between Microsoft and Linux for a decade now, and frankly, with the except of sparse cases where Microsoft Office is requisite, Linux has served us better with fewer headaches. We now reserve the Microsoft Windows for Office 2010 and on-line gaming: Linux does everything else with fewer concerns about viruses, updates, obsolescence, and reliability.

Business vLogs

If you have an interest in worth while basic business information, I have found the vlogs by skilled entrepreneur Bob Parsons to be helpful. They are available from his personal vlog site at He presents solid business advice from his years of success building several businesses, including the wildly successful Lease America (copy machine rental), Parson’s Technology (highly affordable software delivered to your door), (highly competitive Internet domain registration and Internet Services Provider), and Go A-Z Motorcycles.

WARNING: Some may consider the content objectionable in that Bob’s trademark has been rather well endowed young women who graphically demonstrate the principals he is presenting in an entertaining, if rather stereotypical, manner.

Note: this article is the writers personal opinion. It is based upon almost 40 years of experience in small computers and communications, but it is still an opinion.It is presented AS IS. All use is at your own risk.