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Things I found interesting in email today

biohazardEverybody uses at least one or more enterprise file sharing and sync (EFSS) consumer app, at least now and then. These include Dropbox, Angry Birds, Facebook, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype or SugarSync. In fact, a lot of people use most of them for a combination of personal and business purposes. Interestingly enough, that list of popular cloud services is an exact match for a list of apps that represent the Top 10 that enterprises are likely to blacklist.

Camillo Golgi, one of the great Readmore..

WordPress “All in One SEO” Facebook problem

Apparently due to recent changes, WordPress blogs with All in One SEO will not automatically post to FaceBook. After some web searching and multiple test messages, the root cause seems to be the All in One SEO plugin not writing “og” tags right for FaceBook, so FaceBook refuses to post. Posting to FaceBook by clicking the Share button under the post works normally.

I am not sure how to fix this in All in One SEO, although my understanding is that this is a configuration error on my part. However, for now, disabling the All in One SEO plugin fixes the problem and scheduled posts are not automatically shared on FaceBook. The problem affected only sharing on FaceBook: sharing to twitter, G+, and LinkedIn continued to work fine.

Bottom Line on US Unemployment, Note 12/20

Note: 20141220
One FaceBook follower noted in a comment to me that my posts “always create huge controversy”. This post was no exception. In fact, the controversy here went beyond the usual name calling and defamation to levels where followers who normally agree at least in part with my observations were claiming my position unreasonable. But they never mentioned any way in which my calculation was actually faulted, only that they didn’t like the result.

This post is mathematical analysis and contains no emotions: mathematics is a modeling tool, not a judgmental hammer! It is a simple mathematical fact that the true unemployment rate, based entirely upon US government Census Bureau and US Bureau of Labor Statistics provided numbers, is at least 29%, Readmore..

ObamaCare help on

thumbs-up‘Regards to Bill Hartman and Brietta (Hartman) Williams of Hartman Insurance Services for the assist with our ObamaCare insurance on The additional inside knowledge of how the site really works is most beneficial in satisfying the government mandate to purchase health insurance.

Tomorrow, Monday December 15, 2014, is the last day on which Americans can buy insurance to start in January 2015. Hartman Insurance Services has been around for over 30 years, and delivers premium service at affordable prices.  We recommend Hartman Insurance Services for all your health insurance needs.

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Using State of the Art websites, they will show you how to determine the most appropriate plan available for your situation.

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The International Bank of Google (or FaceBook)

I understand Marcus Wohlsen’s (of point, and I agree that change to automated, consumer-driven transactions and on-demand financial services is what the market demands. However I disagree with his conclusion that local financial stores will all vanish.

The financial firm at which I do most of my business is not located at a special, isolated, banking building, mind you, but at the Three Rivers Federal Credit Union branch that is located in my local grocery store. This branch allows me to give instructions to personnel who can perform the task that I want done, usually immediately, whether it be initiating some new process (such as opening another account for some specific purpose),  reporting and stopping an identity thief, a correction of an errant automated transaction on one of my accounts, or a deposit of receipts in old-fashioned checks and cash.

The downside to on-line automation is exception handling, which requires human interaction. This kind of human interaction needs to be attentive and helpful also, not some uncaring foreigner  on a telephone in some other country who doesn’t even speak clear English, without the will or authority to actually resolve the issue.

I feel that Marcus is correct about for-profit banks because I feel that the cost of supporting totally free-standing separate buildings just for a for-profit bank are likely ended, but partnership arrangements to make banking personnel available in a high traffic location, such as at a grocery store, are far less expensive. The grocery store also benefits from the presence of the TRFCU branch that I patronize because after I drop off my deposit, at a teller during business hours or in the night deposit box after hours, I then pick up whatever supplies my company and my not-for-profit corporation require, making those purchases at that grocery store. This suits me because it is more convenient to me than shopping where the milk or sugar are slightly cheaper because I was already there to do my banking.

Marcus Wohlsen’s  concept is solid: that changes in the financial industry will be driven by consumer preference and convenience. What I feel he has missed is that there will always be a need for a human being to efficiently fix mistakes in the system, and that is why I feel that local branches will never go away, although they will become much more financially efficient.