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Linux Mint

APT-GET UPDATE error due to end of Chrome 32-bit


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Error started recently during updates. Supposedly due to Google ceasing support for the 32-bit Chrome. This web site promises a fix:  As root, edit the lists file for chrome: Readmore..

IoT: Google calls for proposals

If you have an interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), this may be your opportunity to get funding and equipment from Google. Proposals due Jan 21.

Google is setting up an open innovation and research program to formalize and push forward much of the research, standards, security, systems, and more that will feed into this “connected society.”

“We plan to bring together a community of academics, Google experts, and potentially other parties to pursue an open and shared mission in this area,” said Google, in a post co-penned by famed computer scientist Vint Cerf, who is Chief Internet Evangelist at the Internet giant.

ObamaCare help on

thumbs-up‘Regards to Bill Hartman and Brietta (Hartman) Williams of Hartman Insurance Services for the assist with our ObamaCare insurance on The additional inside knowledge of how the site really works is most beneficial in satisfying the government mandate to purchase health insurance.

Tomorrow, Monday December 15, 2014, is the last day on which Americans can buy insurance to start in January 2015. Hartman Insurance Services has been around for over 30 years, and delivers premium service at affordable prices.  We recommend Hartman Insurance Services for all your health insurance needs.

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EMV Technology required for 2015: Poynt sells the hardware at cost

Poynt, a start up by Osama Bedier, a PayPal executive who is also a former Google Wallet head, is producing a “future-proofed” payment terminal that combines an Android-based tablet with a hardware docking station, which they are making available for their cost. Readmore..