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Mozilla ThunderBird (Email Client) project becoming more open

The Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client is discussing refocusing their internal resources in a new direction and possibly relying more heavily upon the global community to provide leadership and innovation for the project. There is speculation this is motivated by a desire to drop Desktop software and code only for “cloud” (Internet server) based services. I am not comfortable with leaving all my private corporate e-mail on someone else’s “cloud” server as web mail, so I am not sure how I feel about this. TBird is included in most Linux Distros as the email client. Other posts mentioning this topic were seen here and here

Browser use

Browsers in use when viewing our web sites. Data taken from web site stats via NOTE: No promotions have been applied to any of these sites, and no specific steps have been taken for SEO: it is thought that this data can be considered “random” matematically, and thus probably is representative of the population at this time. Readmore..