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EMV Technology required for 2015: Poynt sells the hardware at cost

Poynt, a start up by Osama Bedier, a PayPal executive who is also a former Google Wallet head, is producing a “future-proofed” payment terminal that combines an Android-based tablet with a hardware docking station, which they are making available for their cost. Readmore..

The care, feeding, and breeding of PayPal on your web site

PayPal is notorious for being hard to interface with. People install eStore packages just because they don’t want to deal with it! But I finally found a way to access the data fairly reliably.

If you are trying to use PayPal for your web site payments and want as simple an interface as possible, I highly recommend THIS tutorial. All the others I tried didn’t work. This one was written in 2010 and uses cURL, and remarkably, it actually works. Readmore..