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Microsoft Offers Free Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi IoT

xMore interesting is that Microsoft is giving Windows 10 for Pi away free. And expressed a need for a community where there can be more trust. Looks like someone has their act together.

Windows 10 is the first step to an era of more personal computing. This vision framed our work on Windows 10, where we are moving Windows to a world that is more mobile, natural and grounded in trust.

The article is at

For more details on exactly what Microsoft Windows 10 for Devices entails, look up Microsoft’s Windows Developer for IoT page at For more details on Raspberry Pi v2 see their page at

Beagle Bone, Windows 8.1 Start Button

From ExtremeTech News:

Windows 8.1 will bring back the Start button

Microsoft will resurrect the Start button in Windows 8.1 (Blue), which is due to be released later this year. This follows last week’s news that Windows 8.1 will let you to skip the Start screen after logging in, allowing you to boot straight to the Desktop.

BeagleBone Black: A RasPi alternative with Arduino-like capabilities for $45

Texas Instruments launched its ARM-powered BeagleBone Black PC today, and it packs an impressive feature set that is sure to get enthusiasts’ attention. The successor to the original BeagleBone, the Black comes with faster hardware, lower power requirements, and a surprising $45 price point.