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Texas Virus chart 4/19

Joe here is the xlsx spreadsheet Data charted from Accessible Dashboard Data – Updated Daily. Note peak around 4/15 should be back at March 15 levels around May 5. IF TESTING increases it will show as a jump in cases BUT the overall slope on the chart will still be working downward – in other words a bunch of people *have* had the virus & recovered but were not in the count before, so at the day they are added it looks like a huge jump.


US Year 2019 Tax Sample

Obligatory photo of shop kittie inspecting transformers while I try to get work done.

Some taxes, such as Sales Tax and State Unemployment Tax were not included. They might be added later. If you were to live in Texas, there would not be a State Income tax; if you lived in Alaska the State would pay you instead of you paying State Income Tax; if you were living in California or New York, the State Income Tax might be a bit higher (8-9%).

IRS Publication 15 can be downloaded from

US Income Taxes for year 2019

Example cases comparing taxes on general laborer wages and engineering wages
$36,000 / year

Comes out of your payroll and is shown on your pay stub

Federal Income Tax – $0->$983 (see note below) 0%  –  –
Federal Income Tax – $983->$2,600 (10%) 10%  $161.70  $161.70
Federal Income Tax – $2,600->$7,563 (12%) 12%  $209.70  $595.56
Federal Income Tax – $7,563->$15,017 (22%) 22%  –  $1,639.88
Federal Income Tax – $15,017->$27,771 (24%) 24%  –  $2,035.88
Federal Income Tax – $27,771-.$35,000 (32%) 32%  –  –
Federal Income Tax – $35,000->$52,013 (35%) 35%  –  –
Federal Income Tax – $52,013 and up (37%) 37%  –  –
Indiana State Income Tax (3.23%) 3.23%  $96.90  $538.34
Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) on paystub 6.20%  $186.00  $1,033.35
MEDICARE Tax on paystub 1.45%  $43.50  $241.67
Additional Medicare Tax on paystub 0.90%  –  $150.00
Total taxes you are told about on your pay stub  $697.80  $6,396.39
Amount you were told you would be paid  $3,000.00  $16,667.00
Amount you were really paid  $2,302.20  $10,270.61
Percent of promised amount you were really paid 76.74% 61.62%

Comes out of your payroll money without your knowing

Federal Unemployment Tax 6%  $180.00  $1,000.02
Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) (yes, again) 6.20%  $186.00  $1,033.35
MEDICARE Tax (yes, again) 1.45%  $43.50  $241.67
Total Taxes You were not told about  $409.50  $2,275.05
Amount you would have been paid without the hidden taxes  $2,711.70  $12,545.65
NOTES: Federal Income Tax is charged based upon how much money is made, not a flat percentage for everyone. Those who earn more money pay ever increasing percentages as Federal Income Tax. The brackets shown here are from Pub 15, page 46, Table 4 MONTHLY Payroll Period.

Indiana AG files brief to dismiss California money grab

Not content with destroying itself, California attacks the remaining States

The historic political progression – rather decay and decomposition – is generally as follows:

1) people, persecuted for generations by self serving, arbitrary, violent dictators, arise in violent protest, at the vast expense of human life, and over impossible odds win a massive civil war to obtain their freedom by deposing the dictator;

2) the new nation establishes itself as a Constitutional Republic with a capitalist economy – if you work you eat;

3) some people find a way to exploit the kindness and humanitarian philosophies of the nation to eat without working, others see the easy lifestyle without needing to work and decide they want that also.

4) Eventually people forget the horrific price in blood paid for their liberty and the national philosophy changes to Socialism with the excuse of helping those less fortunate than the working people;  mooching instead of working becomes a profession. The number of non-working people grows to 20% of the population and this segment violently demands more and more “benefits”, interferes in the election process to insure those who will accomodate their “benefits” are elected even though they can not win an election without fraud, corruption is rewarded instead of punished, and the national political nature becomes Socialism; the people are disarmed by the government to “protect them” by arbitrary government military force. Criminals are the only ones with any political power remaining as they remain armed.

5) Socialism eventually fails due to lack of anyone willing to work so everyone else can have everything for free without working, riots ensue, and a “Central Planning Committee” is designated to grab what resources remain to the few who worked and re-distribute those resources to all the many people who refuse to work, which perpetuates The Committee’s own importance: corruption takes over in every area of government as the armed criminals control most areas of life and totally control government, often by assassination. Dissidents are individually imprisoned or executed to silence them.

6) Communism is established as the national political position promising cleansing from corruption and a more equitable distribution of any remaining worker’s possessions. Personal ownership of anything is banned. The people must “serve the purposes of the State” or be euthanized “for their own good”, which includes most of the people who facilitated transition to Socialism being executed for not serving the purposes of the State – the State they created kills them as they are dead weight. The corruption levels increase instead of decrease and all who oppose are rounded up and executed.

7) A Dictator arises and promises a better life and liberty but uses extreme oppression and violence to silence all who do not wholeheartedly endorse the new Leader. Once the Leader is in power all personal freedoms are abolished. Extreme poverty and repressive violence bind all but the few who the Dictator favors. There are mass purges killing large segments of the population because they “might” disagree with the Dictator.

8) The people, persecuted for generations by self serving, arbitrary, violent dictators, arise in violent protest, at the vast expense of human life, and over impossible odds win a massive war to obtain their freedom by deposing the dictator; they form a Constitutional Republic with a Capitalist economy.

The State of California has engaged in destructive Socialist policies for some years, diverting money from every legitimate need to instead support non-working or very low wage illegal aliens and other professional indigents who will vote illegally to sustain the Socialist Democrat Party control of the State to the hurt of the working people in California. The situation is growing worse as neglect of critical infrastructure results in catastrophic failure of roads, bridges, and reservoirs and much property damage, radically high taxes, and massive corruption.

The problem with Socialism, according to Margaret Thatcher, is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. California has run out of money, people are fleeing the State, and California is now trying to raid working companies in other States to grab more money – because all of theirs is gone. Indiana is joined  by Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming to stop this abuse as a matter of self defense: California’s insanity has destroyed their own State and now they want to destroy ours to get more money and continue their clearly destructive Socialist policies.

Rome did not die because of attacks from outside but because of corruption inside. America should not become the next Rome. We encourage the Court to carefully consider the Amicus Brief filed by Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and others, and rule against California’s illegal demand that other States die for California’s irresponsible fiscal policy.


AG Curtis Hill leads 15-state coalition seeking dismissal of lawsuit against energy and manufacturing companies

Attorney General Curtis Hill announced today that Indiana is leading a 15-state coalition in support of a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland against various energy and manufacturing companies. Indiana is joined by Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming in the amicus brief.

Attorney General Hill issued the following statement regarding the matter:

“California localities cannot dictate national energy policy or curb economic activity that occurs outside California. Unfortunately, we have seen a trend of certain states drifting farther and farther away from real America. This is just the most recent example.

“We will let our amicus brief speak for itself at the courthouse. However, this matter should be dismissed because the suit filed by California municipalities is not about the law; rather, it is about circumventing separations of power and using California judges as the arbiters of national energy policy. New York City and various Colorado municipalities have filed copycat actions.

“While today California cities sue energy manufacturers to make up for massive deficits, tomorrow we could see suits against other job creators.

“Our amicus brief should send a loud message that the rest of the nation will not stand idle while California tries to become its own regulatory empire.”

Attached, see the amicus brief filed April 19.