FSSA will distribute March SNAP benefits using a split schedule

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February 15, 2019

 FSSA will distribute March SNAP benefits using a split schedule

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) today announced the agency will split March benefit payments to eligible Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) clients. Recipients will see half of their March benefit amount added to their Hoosier Works cards on Feb. 22 and the other half on their regularly scheduled March date, according to an alphabetical schedule. They do not need to take any action.

Indiana issued February benefits early on Jan. 16, 2019, due to the partial federal government shutdown that occurred earlier this year. The one-time benefit deposit schedule being used for March benefits will help reduce the gap in benefit payments to eligible SNAP clients that could otherwise be 60 days or more.


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Heritage Foundation: Economic freedom recovers under President Trump

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Economic freedom recovers under President Trump.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Heritage’s annual Index of Economic Freedom. The index tracks the impact of free-market policies (or the lack thereof) on societies and economies. “America’s economic freedom has seen a dramatic boost—from 18th place in the world to 12th place in the span of just one year,” writes Anthony Kim, research manager and editor of the Index of Economic Freedom. “America’s score ticked up by more than a full point from last year, reaching the highest level in eight years.” Browse this year’s findings.

House Bill 1284 to enhance protections for defense of self and others

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On Monday, January 28th at 10:30AM, the Indiana State House Committee on Judiciary will be hearing House Bill 1284 to enhance protections afforded to law-abiding citizens acting in defense of themselves and others. Please contact House Judiciary Committee members and urge them to SUPPORT HB 1284.

House Bill 1284, sponsored by Representative Jim Lucas (R-69), would provide immunity for a justified use of force in certain instances. A trial court would be required to conduct a pretrial hearing concerning the application of the immunity when the defendant raises the justified use of force immunity as a defense and dismiss the claim when justified force is used. This bill would also require a court to award, in certain instances, reasonable attorney’s fees if it determines a suit was brought unjustly, helping to prevent financial ruin for individuals protecting themselves and others.

December Indiana Employment Report

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Private Sector Employment Again Reaches Preliminary Record Peak

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 18, 2019) – Indiana’s unemployment rate stands at 3.6 percent for December and remains lower than the national rate of 3.9 percent. With the exception of one month when it was equal (October 2014), Indiana’s unemployment rate now has been below the U.S. rate for more than five years. The monthly unemployment rate is a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicator that reflects the number of unemployed people seeking employment within the prior four weeks as a percentage of the labor force.

Indiana’s labor force had a net increase of 1,543 over the previous month. This was a result of an increase of 83 unemployed residents and an increase of 1,460 employed residents. Indiana’s total labor force, which includes both Hoosiers employed and those seeking employment, stands at 3.40 million, and the state’s 65.1 percent labor force participation rate remains above the national rate of 63.1 percent.

Learn more about how unemployment rates are calculated here: http://www.hoosierdata.in.gov/infographics/employment-status.asp.

December 2018 Employment Charts