Notebook Failure Rates

Notebook computers. Failure rate from SquareTrade, an Extended Warranty service company, is 15.6% to 26%. Note, 26% means that more than one out of every four broke. 15.6% is still not exactly good: imagine the doctor telling you “Yes, I know how to do this surgery really well, I only make serious mistakes 15.6% of the time.” What is that, more than one out of every seven patients dies?

Listed worst to best:

HP:  26%

Gateway: 23.5%

Acer 23.3%

Lenovo 21%

Dell 18.3%

Mac 17.3%

Sony 16.8%

Toshiba 15.7%

Asus 15.6%

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Notebook for Christmas

A friend recently asked me about buying a notebook computer for Christmas. This is a good question, so I will answer it here. This is strictly opinion: constitutionally protected free speech. Use at your own risk. I haven’t mentioned Apple notebooks in here but they are my favorite for the “over $1,000.00” category. Please comment to share your shopping experiences.

I look on,, or among others for pricing and features. Frankly I buy a lot of stuff from NewEgg: for one thing I really like the fact that I can see how many people bought Readmore..

Windows 7 Upgrade Reboot Problem

(reference Network World, Computer World Articles)

Apparently a significant number of people who have tried to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 instead of doing a disk wipe and clean re-install are finding their computer locks up in a continuous reboot cycle: the install fails and then the computer reboots, the install fails and so forth. We only do clean installs, so we did not test this mode.

In a similar trouble report last July Readmore..

Windows 7 Available

While I spent the last two weeks sick at home, Microsoft was busy releasing their newest Windows OS. Windows 7.

We have released a picture tour of the installation earlier in this blog. Windows 7 pricing is considerably more favorable (From roughly $120 to $220 for full licenses, upgrades less) than in the recent past, rolling back prices almost to Windows 98 levels. There is another very favorable feature Readmore..