Work Shifting: common sense leads to new productivity

On 08/31/2010 10:23 AM, Mike Mansbach, Citrix Online wrote:


Workshifting, or the flexibility to work when and where you want, is on the rise. The advantages for employees and companies are plentiful — from cost savings and increased productivity to a greener workplace.

This new podcast, featuring Phil Montero, CEO of The Anywhere Office, explores the advantages of a workshifting environment and how to create your own workshifting program.

“There’s no shortage of benefits for both employees and businesses.”

Listen to the podcast to learn:

* Key benefits of workshifting for employees and businesses
* How to implement a strategic workshifting program
* How to pick the best tools for a workshifting environment
* And more…

View this Complimentary Podcast

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Best regards,

Mike Mansbach | VP & GM

On 08/31/2010 12:41 PM, John Nash of API, replied:

Hi Mike,

Thank-you for writing. Yes, I know workshifting is important. I am working from home right now. I simply shell into my servers with SSH2 or connect with FileZilla. The 16 people I expect to add to my workforce soon will also largely work when and where they can be most successful and cost effective.

I am interested in your presentation, but when I tired to view your previous link, it refused to let me participate: it is a “Microsoft Only” setup. Yes, I could simply load a virtual machine with one of the MS environments in it: that is not the point. If you are hosting the presentation, then I would expect to see how your product line facilitates my success in using a totally space / time / equipment independent work environment. Since the presentation is only accessible to Microsoft, it is probable that your tools are only accessible to Microsoft.

Work Shifting involves more than geographic location. It involves location, time, equipment, intellectual activation (mental readiness) and even social presence. Essentially, our present technology allows the worker to work when it is optimal. We are entering an age where not only time or location but especially computing device is flexible. Most mobile devices today do not use Microsoft. Most professional web servers do not use Microsoft. While I know there are sporadic instances of a Microsoft web server or two, or a Windows email machine here or there, Microsoft exists mostly on the end user desktop, and they have been loosing market share fast.

I sincerely thank-you for thinking of me, but neither of us can profit from this. If you have a presentation later that conforms to international standards and respects technological diversity, please let me know: I would be happy to view it on one of my Ubuntu desktops.

John Nash, CEO
American Programmers Independent, LLC.

P.S. The Podcast Mike provided a link to in his email today DOES work, although it is only audio (.mp3). In time, hopefully, larger corporations will begin making their products compliant with html v5 standards so that all media can be played with Google Chrome or any other standards compliant browser without extra addons. If you would like to listen to his link, click here. To check out Phil’s web site with his ides on Work Shifting, browse to

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