Blog Rolling

A Blog or “weB LOG”  is an article posted on the Internet for public consumption, usually published using WordPress or a similar blogging website program which takes minutes to install and calibrate, often by amateur writers. their content can span every topic from pre-teen girls writing as if in their diaries, to professional writers publishing on topics such as the importance of the newest technology (or on blogging, as in this article). The quality and value varies widely, but the popularity is growing exponentially.

A few of these blogs have attracted large numbers of readers and thereafter money from advertisers. More and more professional organizations are recognizing the importance of insuring their own presence in the consumer habituated blog-o-sphere.

A nice article on this topic was presented by the Non-Profit Guide Star organization in
Why You Need to Blog.

Blogging statistics are staggering.

A September 2010 study from eMarketer on the continued rise of blogging says the medium will continue to grow in popularity as more users turn to blogs to produce and consume content. According to the same study, by 2014, blog readership will rise to more than 150 million Americans, or 60 percent of the Internet population in the United States. June 2010 figures from WordPress (which powers many of the blogs you read) cite 11.4 million blogs hosted on their platform, with users publishing about 350,000 new posts on an average day (and their readers, in turn, leaving 400,000 new comments every day).

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