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It’s worth a peep folks — Bob’s Vlogs are not only informative, contemporary, and relevant, they are just plain fun.

Those of you who know me know that I have little time to twiddle away watching video. One of the most to-the-point worthwhile series of video blogs I have seen is posted by successful entrepreneur Bob Parsons. You probably know the name: Parsons Software, which was purchased by Intuit a few years ago.

Bob started by revolutionizing the marketing model of the copier rental industry by reducing the delay for customers requesting a copier from possibly weeks to under one day. Now it is expected, but when Bob did it he was the first. He also created Parsons Software which revolutionized the software industry by providing high quality software with high quality customer support for a very low price, delivered right to the customer’s home, usually shipping the same day as the order was received. His Bible program, QuickVerse was a market dominating smash: no wonder Intuit wanted it so bad.

Now Bob is busy revolutionizing the Domain Registry and Web Site hosting business to make it fast, easy, and affordable for normal people to build their own or their companies web sites: and he has done an excellent job of it. I bought a domain from GoDaddy yesterday for under $2. In Bob’s words, “we are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time” and he lives up to that motto: he owns a motorcycle business in addition to his Domain Registry and Web Hosting business,, and he shares his experience so you too can succeed on his video web logs.

It’s worth a peep folks — Bob’s Vlogs are not only informative, contemporary, and relevant, they are just plain fun. Hope you’re not put off by all the leather-clad, super hot girls. And race cars. And motorcycles. And his super bowl commercials that were “too hot for TV.”

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