LibreOffice created to protect world from anticipated end of OpenOffice

Speaking of righteous fear, you know that Oracle bought Sun Microsystems. Sun sponsored many open source projects, including the #2 office suite on earth Open Office, and the #1 web database engine MySQL. Oracle has never suggested that it likes open source at all, rather they are a high dollar very-for-profit database corporation.

As a matter of caution, the software has been forked because of fears that Oracle may stop supporting it as they did Sun Open Solarous Unix. According to an article in eWeek, has support from some of the biggest names in technology: Initial supporters include Red Hat, Google, Novell, Free Software Foundation, OASIS, OSI, Canonical and the GNOME foundation. The eWeek article is here.

According to eWeek:

“ has long been the leading free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Office. The software has set download records on new releases, and estimates suggest it now accounts for about 10 percent of the overall office suite market.”

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