What not to say in business

From an article in typepad.com, which got it from PBP Executive Reports at http://www.pbpexecutivereports.com/er.asp?O=42X&L=writeB. It’s a book selling for $99.

To the items listed below I would add Instead of “utilize” just say “use”.

Instead of:                                                            Use:

At this point in time                                               Now

Come to the conclusion                                         Conclude

Despite the fact that                                              Although

Exhibits a tendency to                                           Tends

I am of the opinion                                                 I think

In the amount of                                                    for

Is indicative of                                                       indicates

It is incumbent on me                                            I must

Make a decision to                                                Decide

On the grounds that                                              Since

Perform an analysis of                                           Analyze

Pertaining to                                                         About

Prior to that time                                                   Before

Provide information about                                       Inform

Reached an agreement                                          Agreed

Subsequent to                                                      After

Take under advisement                                          Consider

The committee made an agreement                        We decided

The question as to whether                                    Whether

To summarize the above                                        In summary

Under no circumstances                                        Never

We deem it advisable                                            I suggest

With a view to                                                       To

With regard to                                                       About

With this in mind                                                   Therefore

You will find attached                                            Here is

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