$13 Tablet. Yes, that reads THIRTEEN Dollars.

From Mashable at http://mashable.com/2012/10/10/txtr-beagle-e-reader/:

If you thought the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader was a great deal at $119, take a look at the Txtr Beagle Read|Only, undercutting it by more than a C-note — it sells for a mere $13.

If you just want to read text and you can live without a touchscreen, 3G, a backlight and Wi-Fi — and you don’t mind inserting three AAA batteries once a year — this 5-inch, 4.5-oz E Ink device with its 800×600 screen might be the e-reader for you. The Txtr Beagle’s 4GB of storage will give you room for a boatload of books, and its 5mm thickness is almost razor-thin enough to give you a paper cut.

Last year I said by November this year (Black Friday) there would be intense competition in Tablets, with many prices in the $89 region, Commodity primary and secondary price points at $149 and $249, and high end prices at about $400. I further said that within about five (5) years tablets would be a easily available commodity item similar to cell phones, with the price point $19 – $39. And I said that the buying decisions would be based upon what color or comic designs (My Pretty Pony or whatever) decorate the case because otherwise they all will have about the same minimum resources.

It’s coming folks. Now there is one unit at $13. It has fewer resources for communication than most will end up with, but it has a good allotment of storage already, good battery life (1 year on 3 AAA’s), thin, e-paper easy to read in daylight, not bulky extra charger required. Yeah. Now if it had a built in phone and wireless Internet you would be there: no cables, no connectors! Sync to your Notebook (or whatever) through the wireless network, even through the Internet with a service such as LogMeIn.com.

It’s coming, folks. Sit back, pour yourself a nice cup o’ tea, and watch.

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