Just a note about bullying. I am against bullying. I was mostly disrespected and sometimes physically bullied all through elementary and high school. I was not the “cool” kid who did sports or drugs or smoked or hung around in the hall when he was supposed to be in class. I oppose bullying and do not “understand the poor bully who has such a hard life he acts out against you”. People must be taught to solve their problems instead of blaming other people: don’t excuse all their anti-social or even criminal behavior, because that kind of affirmation turns them into sociopaths.

And don’t you dare call me racist or an elitist: I know a number of solid men from minority races and poverty who have made something of themselves. You can’t fool me: I know too many who have succeeded.

One was a university professor and manager at a massive aerospace engineering think tank: he had a car collection stored on farms all over Indiana — hundreds of cars — he was on the team that INVENTED the diamond phonograph needle, and he helped create the very first WORKING ruby rod laser: he helped solve the major problem of the rods exploding when they lased.

He was born in a large, poor, racial-minority family in the deep south in a dirt floor cabin: he swore he would never go back to that. He has been in the Army multiple times and used his benefits after serving his country to earn university degrees — BS, MS, and PhD. Being a racial minority and being poor did not make him inferior.

Jessie Owens proved Hitler wrong about non-arian races being inferior by winning four (4) gold medals in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin: Hitler was fuming and would not even shake Jessie’s hand: I have met his granddaughter: she lives near here and I consider her a friend.

And don’t tell me poverty forces a person to be a bully either: my family has served God full time for 30 years, mostly without pay: in a good year our family income reaches the recognized federal poverty level or even exceeds it a little. I have a Masters in Business Administration. My wife a BSN and soon she will finish more university coursework and licensing exams and become a nursing practitioner. We were poor. We still are. Our mindset is to make this world better, not take everything we can from it and hoard it. Our four kids NEVER acted as bullies. I have known many other poor people struggling to stay alive and sheltered — let alone fed — and they are not bullies. No, being poor does not force a person to be a bully either.

The thing that makes a person a bully is that they have no respect for other people: they recognize force alone: they think that might makes right: they want the simple solution of violent force instead of social responsibility and good citizenship: they think they can get away with it.

And when we coddle these people and fawn over them and apologize for them we only make them worse, not better.

I am against bullying. HOWEVER, there is no way I will re-post things that dare me to either post them or else I’m a bad person, no not even if they are saying that they are against bullying (you can’t bully me into opposing bullying). The very presence of phrases such as “I’ll bet no one re-posts this” or “99% won’t care enough to re-post this” or “honk or else you don’t *really* love Jesus” are tripe.

No, tripe is better than that: it’s a bit chewy sometimes but there is an awesome Mexican soup that is made by cooking tripe all day and it is sambroso. Calling these statements tripe denigrates tripe. I apologize, tripe, please forgive me.

I can’t even call such statements BS, because you can use fresh cow pies to plaster the inside of a hut, and dried cow pies can be used for a cooking fire. No such bullying does not even qualify as high as BS.

So don’t expect me to re-post anything because someone tried to bully me into re-posting it by telling me “50% of people won’t re-post but I’m sure the people with a heart will”. As a t-shirt a friend made for me reads:
Grumpy American Society
They say Smiles are contagious
but I’ve been inoculated

If you think you can bully me into re-posting something by saying I am somehow defective otherwise, instead of inspiring me to share your thoughts with a worthy post or concept, please  be aware: “I’ve been inoculated”.

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