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Photos of our belts are available under the API Leather Crafting menu item. We can make whatever you need subject to availability of materials. Belts are currently part of our charity to the Adult Life Training job skills training organization. To help improve employment send me an e-mail at and specify 1. belt width (3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 2″), 2. color (scarlet, forest green, canyon tan, coal black, midnight blue, clear coat only — no color, or untreated natural leather), 3. the distance in inches around your waist (not what a previous belt said — please measure your waist), 4. whether or not you want embossing down the edges of the belt, and 5. whether or not you want lettering stamped onto the belt.

Belts are $32 each plus $5.80 USPS priority shipping unless you pick them up at our office. This amounts to $37.80 for one belt, $69.80 for two, because I can get two belts into the USPS small fixed rate box. Payment is due in advance by making the appropriate donation on the Adult Life Training web site and noting at the time of the donation on PayPal that this is for a belt. BE SURE YOUR MAILING NAME AND ADDRESS in in the donation comment box or we will have no way to know who is paying!

We started adding the shopping cart for API LeatherCrafting. We are attempting to use open source tools, however there are challenges when they do not perform as expected or lack certain required functionality.


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  1. kubulai

    on April 2, 2013 at 10:51 am -

    You would think in all the WordPress “eCommerce” shopping carts there would be at least one that:

    1. worked

    2. was clear enough you could configure it

    3. could show pictures of the products

    4. didn’t try to pull a fast one on you by sneaking in a demand that you pay them $40/month to use the cart AFTER you spent hours setting it up and still were not sure it would do the job