Cranial-Rectal Inversion as a lifestyle

The following email came in today, suggesting that I accept gibberish and confused references to myself as a clear and memorable tag people can use to find me on Google G+.
Hello John Nash,
We were not able to approve your request for this custom
These preapproved URLs are still available for your profile:
Click the Get URL button below to get started.
The Google+ Team
Sorry bud: Kubulai is my on-line personna. It was a concession on my part to allow a gmail address instead of the proper The non-memorable bastardized “names” you suggested are not what I use to identify myself on the web: it’s better for me to use the clearly non-memorable numbers and work from links so people don’t get confused.Take it or leave it. CYA.
John D. Nash, CEO
American Programmers Independent, LLC.
260.432.0014 x128 office

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