Windows 10 Best Features

To what the journalist has written, let me add my two: you can draw on the web pages — click the little icon in the top right of the browser, then mouse click and drag to write notes right on the web page, and also if you don’t want to give up a big hunk of taskbar to the Cortana search box, you can turn that off.

Reported in Info World at their idea of the best inobvious features of Windows 10.

You can put a browser URL box on your task bar by right clicking the task bar and selecting toolbars / address bar. Typing in the URL then will launch the default browser and go to that URL

Settings / System / Storage has a list of the drives on your PC. Click a drive, and you’ll receive a handy breakdown of how much space apps, photos, videos, and more take up on that particular drive. You probably saw this in Windows 7 et. al.

Mail has a “clutter” folder now. Not exactly spam but probably not worth taking time reading. How do they think up this stuff?

Remember CLippy? Well now there is Cortana. However, if you really do not want ‘a conversation” with her just now, you can politely decline. Settings / Privacy / Speech, inking & typing, and click  “Stop getting to know me”.

In game ads now. Solitaire has a button to buy a monthly subscription to the “Premium” version. Also in game ads, etc. And A new “rewards” system where you get points for doing stuff simiar to the points you get from or And yeah, I heard Coke stopped funding Planned Parenthood after the selling body parts expose.

You can supposedly stop apps from running in the background under Settings / change background app settings.

A number of other things were listed there, some of which I considered “not inobvious” features. You can read the Info World article at

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