A big guy cannot win a fight

Ham radio operator and silent key, Don “Smitty” Smith, once told me “A big guy can’t win a fight with a little guy. If he clobbers the little guy like he deserves then he is branded a bully: if he refuses to fight then he is branded a sissy.”

Here we are told a caravan of poor women and children seeking refuge is traveling from Central America to the United States expecting that we will save them. Further reports claimed this group grew from 4,000 to 10,000. Pictures showed these poor women and children were mostly burly males, traveled by bus and truck rather than walking, and only got out and walked long enough for photojournalists in the group to report these people were walking, everyone had brand new iPhones, new clothes with English language extremist-left slogans printed on them, and high cost sneakers. That the people are unvaccinated and many diseased goes unspoken. Reports later claimed these people were paid and the trip and supplies underwritten by certain foreign latino political groups that have historically hated Americans. Now rumors are that the size of the caravan has decreased to 3,000-4,000. Where’s a good quadracopter with camera when ya need it?

Now American military have been deployed to the Southern US border to back up existing border guards. America cannot allow these people to brazenly flout America’s immigration law by refusing to apply for entry at any of the locations which have been available to them all along the route they have taken. They say they will force their way in and then ask to stay.

If America softens and lets them in out of humane kindness, these and other people will see it as weakness, not benevolence, and engage in ever increasing disrespect for America’s law and citizens. More will come and eventually America will be compelled to defend their border with force, most likely then also combing through the country to find and forcibly remove any other illegal aliens that can be found. Already crime soars from these illegal Latino aliens, something like 95% of violent criminals presently incarcerated are in fact Latinos illegally in the US.  If America locks arms and refuses to let them cross they will probably do as have other radical leftist groups ,such as antifa and BLM, always do: violently attack, and the guards have permission to protect themselves. This is not Hillaries’ Benghazi. The foreign backers behind this march care nothing for the people they are exploiting, so the women and children will be put in front as meat shields.

A big guy can’t win a fight with a little guy. If he clobbers the little guy he is branded a bully: if he refuses to fight he is branded a sissy. The only viable option is for this caravan never to arrive.

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