Critical Race Theory and the Church

The most troublesome characteristic of Critical Theories is that they are absolutely opposite of the Bible:

1) all sin is permanent, based only on skin color and never on actions – God cannot forgive or remit sin

2) white people are always the sinners: everyone else is innocent and oppressed

3) the Word of God is not sufficient and can only be understood by reading CRT books

4) people who are not white have “special knowledge” based upon stories they tell instead of facts. The stories are superior to facts and over rule facts.

5) justice is whatever a not white person says is justice, because they have “special knowledge” and “white people cannot understand” and is based only on stories.

And many churches are teaching CRT and apologizing (sin cannot be forgiven so there is no repentance, only continuous apology) for the color God created the people in them. 1 Tim 4.

Voddie T. Baucham, Jr. has much to say on it. Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe (Salem Books, 2021)

Short Poem

Obligatory photo of shop kittie inspecting transformers while I try to get work done.

They say I’m too emotional
I’d best learn more forbying

For when I’ve wrote a sad li’l prose
I can not stop my crying!

I’ll read the words I just have wrote
my thoughts are there a-lighting!
It pulls me right into that page
I’m trapped by my own writing!

It’s like I’m there inside the page
I’m part of what was written.
And like a snake was hiding there
my heart got strangely bitten!

They say I’m too emotional
I’d best learn more forbying

But I myself would rather be
alive than live a dying!

Hell’s defeat: a short poem

Years ago I heard a tail,
of three great kings brought to fight hell.
Asked each he did, what threat they posed,
the first he mocked, the second disposed.

The third at last he asked again,
“what weapon have ye to end my reign?”
“Truth” quoth the third, as Hell shrunk back.
The others bowed, their voices cracked.

No greater weapon in life exists,
the light of Truth, every lie evicts.

–john nash