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Year 2018 saw a 20% increase in felonious deaths of law enforcement officers

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The FBI has released its 2018 LEOKA report, detailing the line-of-duty deaths that occurred last year. In 2018, 106 law enforcement officers were reported killed in the line of duty, with a 20% increase in felonious deaths of law enforcement officers compared to the previous year (from 46 to 55), according to the FBI’s report “Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2018.”

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The 55 felonious deaths occurred in 28 states and in Puerto Rico. The number of officers killed as a result of criminal acts in 2018 was 9 more than the 46 officers who were feloniously killed in 2017. The 5- and 10-year comparisons show an increase of 4 felonious deaths compared with the 2014 figure (51 officers) and an increase of 7 deaths compared with 2009 data (48 officers).

Of the 55 officers feloniously killed:

  • 23 died as a result of investigative or enforcement activities
    • 8 were performing investigative activities
    • 6 were involved in tactical situations
    • 3 were interacting with wanted persons
    • 3 were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances
    • 2 were conducting traffic violation stops
    • 1 was handling a person with mental illness
  • 11 were ambushed (entrapment/premeditation)
    • 6 were involved in pursuits
    • 4 were involved in foot pursuits
    • 2 were involved in vehicular pursuits
  • 4 were responding to crimes in progress
    • 2 were burglaries in progress
    • 1 was a report of a person with a firearm
    • 1 was reported in the category of other crime against property.
  • 3 were involved in arrest situations and were attempting to control/handcuff/restrain the offender(s) during the arrest situations
  • 2 were on administrative assignments and were performing prisoner transports
  • 2 were assisting other law enforcement officers with foot pursuits
  • 2 were responding to disorders or disturbances
    • 1 was responding to a disturbance call
    • 1 was responding to a domestic violence call
  • 1 was performing traffic control
  • 1 was involved in an unprovoked attack

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Political Correctness, a definition

Twelve CFL bulbs failed in six months while only one incandescent bulb failed in the same period.

“political correctness” – the conscious and deliberate ignorance of clear dangers to our communities and nation to appease irrational and abusive minority political influences.

Examples –

  1. Demand that folded florescent light bulbs be legislated to replace all incandescent light bulbs “to save energy and the environment” even though folded florescent “CFL” bulbs use more energy to produce and use than incandescent, create a very serious health hazard in residential applications, and create a huge environmental problem for disposal.
  2. Demand that old American citizens restricted to wheel chairs be strip searched as as if they are probably terrorists while 20-year old Muslim “women” (or men, you can’t tell) whose identity are concealed from head to toe in a Hajib are exempt from any search “due to religious reasons” and can carry any weapons they wish, unhindered and unchallenged, onto the same airline.
  3. Demand that Republican politicians that are removing corruption, poverty, unemployment, and security threats be defrauded of their God-given individual liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution, witch hunt “investigations” be created and prolonged over fabricated lies to encumber their good work, while Democrats known to have committed and known to be currently engaging in multiple and extreme crimes against America and all humankind cannot be challenged for their many murders, treasons, human trafficking (kidnapping and enslaving) children to sexually abuse them, and massive financial criminal activities.

There are many more examples available, but you get the idea.