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But I got sheep now…

It is too easy to dismiss the humanity of those, the history of whose lives are given for our example. Sometimes our idea of when we are ready to do things doesn’t line up with God’s.

Moses tried to deliver Israel from Egypt when he was about 40 years old, young, strong, trained in the top military and diplomatic tactics of the day: he miserably failed: he gave up and lived 40 years in Midian with this guy Jethro. Jethro was a Kenite and a Readmore..

Before Abraham and Nahor

We tend to tacitly think that it was Abraham who (out of nowhere, surrounded entirely by idol worshiping pagans who did not know the One God) just suddenly got this revelation about Who is really God and committed to him alone.

You know, “Poof!”, and all at once out of nowhere Abram gets it and Abram and Jesus are besties.

We’re all about “father Abraham” but we never think about Abram the son who had to Readmore..